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    Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone No.:-01-4256263
    P.O. Box:13810
    E-mail:ghannepal@gmail.com, info@ghan.org.np

    Strategic Action
    • Create advocacy forum and plan awareness raising events for socially and culturally inclusive health programs.
    • Develop partnership with local stakeholders for community level health services.
    • Organize health awareness and information events for health promotion an development.
    • Conduct health related studies and operational research.
    • Develop case studies of  best community level healthy practice and disseminate and promote for its replication.
    • Foster district level sister organizations in order to achieve GHAN's Vision and Mission.
    • Advocate initiate   for health co-operatives and social health insurance .
    • Promote the spirit of volunteerism in health and development.
    • Promote partnership with state and non-state actors for health and integrated development (eg. Health, Education, Nutrition, Drinking water, Sanitation, Social protection for the right of targeted  groups). Pro-poor marginalized senior citizens, disabilities and Dalits.  
    • Co-operates and collaborates with government and non-government organization to eliminate contain communicable and non-communicable disease respectively.
    • Involve to serve the people in an emergency situation in the country and abroad.
    • Collaborative actions for social accountability in Health and Development.