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    Global Health Alliance-Nepal is purely a non-governmental organization established with the motto of "Healthy People Healthy Nation". It helps to bring changes through people and their institutions regarding their own problems. It is committed to promote participation of unreached population in health, education and employment. Global Health mobilizes external and internal resources and mediums and raises life style of unreached population through study, research and other developme
    Lack of access to health, education and employment is the key factor leading lower standard of living of marginalized people. In order to increase the access of such people, Global Health strives to ensure equal opportunities and benefits to unreached population. It highlights the problems of poor people of urban and rural areas and pursues searching for a way out. Most of the organizations including government institutions are working vertically for health and development activities. Howeve

    Conduct health programs directed towards achieving national targets and millennium development goals. Provide health education, training and conduct research, study, seminar and conference Provide education in Reproductive Health Make people aware about diseases and promote/create disease less society. Facilitate health service in every part of Nepal Create clean, green and healthy environment Provide education in foo

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